Sorooh Kariminejad

Dancer, Performer, Choreographer, Actor
Date of Birth: May 28th, 1988
Instagram: @soroosh_kariminejad
Facebook: Soroosh Kariminejad

Academic Qualifications:

- 2005: Associated of Arts, School of Broadcasting (Art school in Tehran) under the guidance of dance teachers Nader Rajabpour and Farzaneh Kaboli.

- 2012: Moved to India to study Contemporary Dance and Theater Dance; accepted in Attakkalari Dance Company

Then came back to Iran and continued as performer, dancer and choreographer

‏20013-2018 -Attending in different dance and choreography workshops with great international teachers: Dana Lubeck (from

‏Canada), Nicolas Cantillon (from Switzerland) Ehsan Hemat (from Brussels)and Omar Rajeh (from Lebanan)

‏International Experiences:

‏2010-2018 -Performer, choreographer and dancer in International Folklore Dance Festival in Spain, France, China, Oman and


International Experiences:

- 2010-2018: Performer, choreographer, and dancer in International Folklore Dance Festivals in Spain, France, China, Oman, and more.

- 2018-2019: Performer and choreographer in the play "I'm a Woman, Can You Hear Me?" in Karlsruhe, Germany (2018) and Piccolo Theater Milan, Italy (2019).

Fajr International Theater Festival:

- 2015: Performer, Actor in "Terror" by Hamidreza Naeimi.

- 2017: Performer, Choreographer in "Mehrawe-e-eshgh" by Rashin Imami.

Theater and Performances:

- 2017: Performer, Choreographer in "I'm a Woman, Can You Hear Me?" by Camelia Ghazali.

- 2018: Performer and coordinator of dancers in "Cyrus" by Pari Saberi and Nader Rajabpour.

- 2016: Performer, Dancer, Actor in "Socrates" by Hamidreza Naeimi

‏2017 -

Performer, Choreographer, Director “Imposed Cut” by Soroosh Kariminejad

‏2016 -

Dancer “King Lear” by Melodie Aramnia

‏2015 -

Performer, dancer “Shams Parande” by Pari Saberi and Ali Barati

‏2014 -

Performer, dancer

“Bagh-e-Delgosha(Delgosha Garden)”

by Pari Saberi and Nader Rajabpour

-2019 -Actor and choreographer

“little symphony of silence” by Sina Rastgoo

Concerts Performing and Choreographing:

- 2024: "Professional" by Farzad Farzin.

- 2023: "Tare Majnoon moye Leili"

by Ali Ghamsari.

- 2019: "Sing with Me" by Alireza Ghorbani

-2019: “Third Line” Mahyar Alizadeh

-‏2018: Ali Zand Vakili

-‏2017: “Camouflage” Ramin Behna

-‏2017: “Fairy like Girl” Alireza Ghorbani

-‏2017: “Full Length Mirror” Mehdi Yarahi

-‏2016: Farzad Farzin

Music Videos Performing and Choreographing:

- "Booseh" by Milad Bagheri.

- "Be Eshghe To" by Aidin Joodi, Mohammad Tiam.

- "Shaghayegh" by Arman Garshasbi

-“Bahar e Delkash” Kavous

‏“Gol Lale Lale” Farvaag”-

‏“Be Khod Ai” Aidin Joodi”-

‏“Rafti” Ali Zand Vakili”-

‏“Derakht” Parvaz_ Yaghma Golroee”-

Movie and Series Choreography ،Performing and Acting

-“No One Knows About Persian Cats” Bahman Ghobadi

-“Nardebam-e Aseman” Mohammad Hosein Latifi

-“A Simple Love Story” Saman Moghadam

-“Habib” Darush Yair

-“Shab Migozarad” Rama ghavidel

-“Zangha” Rama Ghavidel

-“Faoust” Peyman Majidi

-“kolbeye Amo Poorang” Ahmad Darvish Alipour

-“Kufi's love” Hasan Akhoundpour


- 2017-2023: Member of the board of directors of the Performers Association.

- 2018-2022: Member of Juries and coordinator of the Iranian Talent Show "New Age" Asre Jadid.


- 2018: Winner of the Best Dancer award from the Iranian Theater Association.

Special Skills:

- Various dance styles, singing, choreography, acting.


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