Toomaj DaneshBehzadi

 Born in 1980

B.A Acting 2006
M.A Directing 2010
The Best Actor in Fadjr theater festival 2015
Master at Art and culture university since 2012 till now ,2016 ,(teaching acting and
directing courses)

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Insagram  toomajdaneshbehzadi



Theater Acting:
Ava , directed by ahmad iranikhah
Improvisation of alma directed by bahram tashakor
Rubbers ,directed by alireza koshk jalali
Brown-gold ,directed by hoshang heyhavand
Meeting ,directed by gholamreza yari
Secret of the golden fish ,directed by ahmad iranikhah
Ceremony for a freind ,directed by ahmad iranikhah

The man outside ,directed by iman eskandary

Madam kamion ,directed by mehdi goleyj
Mam and zin ,directed by tino salehi
The other directed by mohammad hatami

Signs directed by Maneli Shojaei

Whispers behind the battle line directed by Sattari

Angel of Death directed by Masoud rayegan

Out of reach of children directed by Mahdi Pashayi

Military rule directed by Tino Salehi

Dozakh / Huis close directed by Reza Asghari


Filmography acting ( movies, short film, series,documentary…) :

1-( Salman) director by Davood Mirbagheri
2-( the narrow red line) director by Farzad Khoshdast nominated for Asia-Pacific Film Festival Winner of Netpak Award at Fajr Film Festival
3- ( staircase ) director by mohsen Banihashemi in Venice film festival

4-(human paper) director by Masoud Yazdanifar in liftoff London 2021. Winner for best experimental film

5-( burial ( Tadfin ) director by Mohammad Tanabandeh

6-( Ayssan) director by director by Mehrshad Kheradmandi

7-( Ebrahim ) director by Emad Gharahi

8- ( Toll house ( Khaneh arousak ) director by Soleymani Ebrahimi

9-( the spring) director by Roman mousheghyan from Armani

10- (pakol) director by navid Esmaili
11- ( lakhtegi) director by Kaveh Dehghanpoor
12-( guest house) director by Emad gharahi
13-( wound closed ) director by Kaveh Dehghanpoor

14-( Lebasshakhsi ) director by Amirabbas Rabiee awarded at the fajr film festival

15-( gazing ( negah khireh) director by Farzad Khoshdast

16-( pileh ahani) director by Armin Isarian

17-( karton khab ) director by Majid Tavakoli

18-(the dogs didn’t sleep last night) director by Ramin Rasouli

19-( keshand ) director by katayoun Parmar

20( the feast of the goat ) director by Saeed Zamanian

21-( Wal Hunter) director by Saeed Zamanian

22-Lab e Marz / borderline directed by Hossein Deirdre

23-  Bineshan / unmarked directed by Rama Ghavidel

24 -Yutanaiz directed by Yousef kargar



Rabbit hol , writer: david linzly , director: toomaj Daneshbehzadi ,Fadjr theater
festival 2011


The man out side 2015


I’m a woman do you hear me?! Directed by Camelia ghazali
Sugar blood directed by Leili aaj
Bread committee directed by Leili aaj


Performed in The netherland,italy ,germany .
Schiller festival,dancing on the edg festival, Statstheater .....


International And National Award:
The best actor in a leading role ,fadjr theater festival 2015

The best actor in a leading role ,university theater festival 200
The best actor in a leading role,region 3 2002
The best actor in a leading role ,university theater festival 2003
The best actor in a leading role ,razavi theater festival



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